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Netcetera is a proud member of Besides supporting government agencies in their open data initiatives, Netcetera also provides data and other services to support the goals of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

OpenData SMN

A simple API for SwissMetNet data

OpenData SMN is a simple REST API for SwissMetNet data, developed by Marcel Stör. The actual data for 10min intervals is provided by, the Swiss open government data portal. The API supports plain JSON and GeoJSON.

  • The Challenge

    The SMN data is made available to the public under the Open Government Data initiative. However, it's provided as a simple text file you must download from "the cloud". Reusing or integrating data that way is cumbersome.

  • The Solution

    OpenData SMN does the plumbing (downloading, processing, caching, etc.) for you and serves the data over a nicely abstracted API.

  • Technical Details

    • open-source software project at GitHub
    • Java implementation based on Dropwizard
    • fully automated and executable API documentation with Swagger
    • fully CORS-compliant for easy front-end integration
    • GeoJSON supported through Accept header content negotiation


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