Update 2020-03-31

On March 26th Netcetera received a take-down notice from "Bundesamt für Meteorologie und Klimatologie MeteoSchweiz" via email. MeteoSchweiz claims that by hosting this service Netcetera be violating the terms and conditions under which the 10-min data set is published on opendata.swiss, the Swiss open government data portal. In particular MeteoSchweiz claims that:

  • The use of the data is only permitted for end users.
  • Any further distribution of this data is therefore prohibited, even when free of charge.

While we are convinced that offering this service to the public is permitted under the terms of use we decided to temporarily suspend the service until the issue has been resolved. The legal framework for the SMN data set included with every artifact offered on opendata.swiss is as follows (source: opendata.swiss).

Open use. Must provide the source. Use for commercial purposes requires permission of the data owner.

  • You may use this dataset for non-commercial purposes.
  • You may use this dataset for commercial purposes, but you must seek permission from the data owner.
  • You must provide the source („Source: MeteoSwiss“)

We are very sorry for the disruption this may cause to downstream services and applications.

OpenData SMN is a simple REST API for SwissMetNet data. It's developed in the open supporting the OpenData.ch initiative. Free OpenData hosting is provided by Netcetera.

The actual data for 10min intervals is provided by opendata.swiss, the Swiss open government data portal.

Rather than manually maintaining an (often outdated) API documentation here OpenData SMN relies on Swagger-UI. At ./swagger you find an automatically generated, 100% up-to-date and - best of all - executable API documentation. Each REST operation can be executed directly from the Swagger UI.

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